Drawbacks to Offshore Virtual Assistants

Disadvantages of Outsourcing to Offshore Virtual Assistants
By Rita Cartwright [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Rita_Cartwright]
Published: November 18, 2008

As an onshore Virtual Assistant and entrepreneur, I feel it is necessary to address the disadvantages of outsourcing to offshore virtual assistants (VAs), as well as discuss what some of these disadvantages are.

When you outsource offshore, you are going to encounter virtual assistants who are not familiar with our culture and language. Although they speak English, generally it is not their first language. This causes language barriers, communication gaps, and lack of understanding. It can also be very time-consuming to have a regular conversation. All languages have nuances, which can’t be taught in foreign language lessons. Is the frustration worth the money you save?

Another disadvantage is if you choose to outsource confidential personal data offshore, it may not be protected. Firms in India currently are not equally subject to any extensive legislative or regulatory data-protection controls.

Most offshore VAs work for outsourcing firms and are not business owners. They do not have a vested interest in your business other than making more money. Erin Blaskie of Business Services, ETC stated, “These companies are working day and night going through a wide variety of tasks just to get them back out the door. They aren’t spending the time to strategize and become a partner in your business. They are simply providing cheap labor.

Most of us, onshore virtual assistants, are entrepreneurs and small business owners; therefore, we understand the daily operations of a small business, as well as what is required to develop it. Our goals are to establish ongoing business relationships with our clients in order to help them reach their goals, as well as help them develop their companies. We want our clients to succeed in their businesses. Their success is our success. Also, our clients are able to discuss various business ideas with us, because we are dealing with the same business-related issues.

Another disadvantage in offshore outsourcing is offshore virtual assistants can’t operate without access to the Internet. A few months ago, India had an Internet outage due to snapped cables in the Mediterranean Ocean. Although, onshore virtual assistants require Internet access in order to conduct their business, their Internet providers are their phone companies, cable companies or satellite providers. We are not at the mercy of a cable under the ocean.

When you decide to work with offshore virtual assistants as opposed to onshore VAs, this decision eliminates a job opportunity for a fellow American citizen. Onshore VAs need all the business they can get in order to pay for the rising costs in food, housing, medical insurance, education, etc. Keep in mind, offshore VAs’ cost of living is much lower than ours here in America. They can afford to work for less money. Offshore outsourcing causes a negative domino effect on our economy.

According to an article by TemplatesFactory.Net, a lot of people who outsourced to new companies or individuals have lost money when paying in advance. In some cases, third party companies charge more than the agreed-upon fee when they realize the clients are totally dependent on their services.

There are several disadvantages in outsourcing to offshore virtual assistants, including drastic differences in time zones. The one main advantage in offshore outsourcing is saving money. The old adage is true. “You get what you pay for.” Is it really worth it?


Rita J. Cartwright is a Virtual Assistant and owner of RJ’s Word Processing Services, and she began her business in 2002. In 1998, she received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing from Arizona State University with a minor in Spanish. She is also a member of Virtual Assistant Networking Association and Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. More information about Rita and her company can be found at http://www.rjswordprocessing.com

Article Source: Disadvantages of Outsourcing to Offshore Virtual Assistants [http://EzineArticles.com/?Disadvantages-of-Outsourcing-to-Offshore-Virtual-Assistants&id=1686996]

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