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Remote Customer Service Can Help Keep Your Business Lean
Author: Kurt Duncan,

In today’s economy, businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut or reduce expenses. A great way to do this is to outsource your customer service function. Having an in-house customer service team is a costly venture. The overhead is incredible with salaries and benefits for agents, office space, computers and phone equipment, not to mention the specialized, automated systems used to ensure customer service teams can run as efficiently as possible. And, you need tech people to make sure all the high-tech equipment and software is operational whenever your customer service team is on duty.

Hiring a remote customer service team can save your company a lot of money, and ensure your customers receive the excellent service they’d receive if they were calling your company directly. In fact, customers don’t even need to know that they’re not speaking to an employee of your company, especially if you are able to train the call center staff to understand your products and services, and enable them to make the decisions necessary to provide customer satisfaction without needing to put the call on hold “to check with their supervisor.”

Call centers or telephone answering service companies’ core business is to provide customer support by answering phones, making appointments, order taking, providing technical support, and more. And, a remote customer service team can even be trained to handle online inquiries via email, instant messaging, and the like.

When outsourcing customer service you can instruct agents on how you want your calls to be answered, what you want the live operators to say, and how to handle customer inquiries. Depending upon the telephone answering service you hire, you can either train the agents yourself, or provide all the training and reference materials to your account representative who will conduct the training and answer questions for you. Either way, the people answering your calls will have the information they need at their fingertips so they can handle customer calls efficiently and effectively.

Remote customer service can actually improve the quality of service available for your customers, because you can specify that you want calls answered 24/7, or until 9 p.m. in each time zone. Whereas with an in-house team, 9 p.m. would mean 9 p.m. in which your team is physically located.

Remote customer service is a proven solution to cutting costs and proving to be an excellent business solution for many businesses looking to operate on a leaner budget. It also allows businesses to focus on what they do best, because they can rely on a partner that excels on taking care of their customers.

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