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Why Should A Business Outsource?
Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Typically businesses will find at various times that they have a lack of resources to deal with non-core functions such as bookkeeping payroll and IT. At such times extra help can be very useful.

Perhaps the Financial Controller or Finance Director is on extended leave. Maybe your company isn’t large enough yet to justify a full-time Controller but needs some financial oversight. Perhaps you are opening up in a new country and need people on the ground. You may have plenty of accounting staff, but they lack the skills to complete their responsibilities.

Or you may be starting a new business from scratch or overhauling an existing one and need some guidance on accounting protocols, structure and software. By outsourcing your accounting needs, short-term or ongoing, you can concentrate on taking care of your business.

Human resources management is a crucial function once a business has more than a few staff. There will be starters and leavers to deal with, sickness and maternity, not to mention disciplinary issues. If these issues are not set out at the start in contracts of employment and staff handbooks then problems can arise in the future. Few smaller businesses will have the expertise to deal with these matters themselves and so help is needed.

These days IT is essential to businesses. It underpins and enables all that they do and yet small businesses are often without adequate internal IT support. The business owners and managers often spend time trying to deal with IT issues instead of managing and growing the business. Or your business might be growing or changing and your existing IT resources may not be adequate to keep pace. If your internal IT resource is having trouble keeping up with this change then then your business will not be operating efficiently and staff will be ‘learning on the job’ to try to support your business. That’s the time that you need some help.

The efficient business will recognise the skills that it has within its own staff and seek to outsource other functions for which it does not have the necessary level of expertise. In this way it will maximise its potential for growth.

What are the signs that a business should outsource?

  • Do you spend time on non-core activities like bookkeeping rather than growing your business?
  • Do you have the facts and figures at your fingertips to tell you how your business is doing?
  • Is it difficult to find or keep a competent bookkeeper?
  • Do you need help with your business bookkeeping and accounting?
  • Are you spending more time managing staff instead of managing your business?
  • Is your IT infrastructure creaking at the seams and not suitable for your level of business?
  • Do seasonal rushes overwhelm your staff?
  • Is a lack of certain staff holding your business back?

Outsourcing brings the benefit of expertise and professionalism to the services selected, such as accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, HR and IT support. In this way your own staff time can be freed up to deal with core business areas such as sales, production and customer support.

There are plenty of reasons to outsource aspects of your business functions. It will save time and money and increase efficiency and productivity and provided time is taken to choose a suitable outsourced services provider there should be no risk to your business. If done correctly everyone will benefit.

From: OffshoreOutsource.co.UK

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