Still Don’t “Get” Twitter? It’s Time to Try

Still Don’t “Get” Twitter? It’s Time to Try
By Ira Kalb | March 9, 2011

Despite the fact that millions of people are using Twitter, too many still do not seem to grasp its power. Upon asking marketers if they use Twitter, the common replies I hear are:

* “Why should I care if you are having a latte at Starbucks?”
* “I already get status updates from LinkedIn or Facebook.”

These reactions demonstrate that some marketing professionals still don’t know what Twitter can do for their business or the brands they manage. In fact, last year social media pundit and blogger Brian Solis noted that on google, the second most popular query that begins with “I don’t get…” is “I don’t get Twitter.”

Twitter users have more power

Those that do get Twitter seem to have more influence online. A 2010 study by Exact Target showed that consumers active on Twitter are three times more likely to impact a brand’s reputation than the average customer. In fact, the study goes on to say that Twitter users are the most influential online consumers and that “Twitter offers marketers an unrivaled opportunity to instantly and personally interact with customers on behalf of a brand.”

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Why Use a Remote Assistant?

Why Should A Business Outsource?
Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Typically businesses will find at various times that they have a lack of resources to deal with non-core functions such as bookkeeping payroll and IT. At such times extra help can be very useful.

Perhaps the Financial Controller or Finance Director is on extended leave. Maybe your company isn’t large enough yet to justify a full-time Controller but needs some financial oversight. Perhaps you are opening up in a new country and need people on the ground. You may have plenty of accounting staff, but they lack the skills to complete their responsibilities.

Or you may be starting a new business from scratch or overhauling an existing one and need some guidance on accounting protocols, structure and software. By outsourcing your accounting needs, short-term or ongoing, you can concentrate on taking care of your business.

Human resources management is a crucial function once a business has more than a few staff. There will be starters and leavers to deal with, sickness and maternity, not to mention disciplinary issues. If these issues are not set out at the start in contracts of employment and staff handbooks then problems can arise in the future. Few smaller businesses will have the expertise to deal with these matters themselves and so help is needed.

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