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I am normally available Monday through Sunday between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm Pacific Time. Email is my preferred form of communication and I check it throughout the day. I take phone calls on a limited basis during office hours only.

Why communicate primarily though email? A phone call can come at the most inconvenient times but just about everyone who’s online has an email account and can interact 24/7 without disturbing someone’s sleep! Email is quicker. Email works internationally and across cultures. We can simultaneously email a bunch of people, include as much information as we like, and easily attach supporting documentation or files.

Email also keeps track of itself and is a historical record of what happened. I have no “Previous Phone Calls” folder where I can go to figure out what was the last phone interaction I had with someone. I can save an email message, forward it, turn it into an Outlook task, etc. Most importantly, it’s a wonderful tool for communicating detailed instructions and for follow-up. So, please email me anytime with your questions!