Value: One Hour of My Time

The Value of One Hour of Your Trusty Girl Friday’s Time!!

Some people are hesitant to consider hiring a virtual assistant because they don’t think they can afford it. But remember, when you hire that permanent assistant for your office staff, there will be a learning curve before the person gets up to speed (wasted hours) and probably a lack of experience (more wasted hours). And what about the days s/he calls in sick? Or takes vacation leave? Please review this page to see the difference between hiring a remote (“virtual”) assistant and a full-time on-site assistant.

If you’re doing all the work yourself, then you have a million little interruptions that waste your precious time (phone calls, employee questions, learning to use all the software, etc). If it takes you 3 or 4 hours to complete a task, I can most likely complete it in far less time!

To demonstrate my indispensable value to you, here’s a small sample of the tasks Your Trusty Girl Friday can do in one hour or less!

  • Phone a minimum of 25 clients for a specific project
  • Schedule appointments for a minimum of 20 clients/patients
  • Mail merge 50-100 letters including stuffing and mailing
  • Build an e-mail distribution list
  • Data Entry of a minimum of 75 contacts in an Excel spreadsheet
  • Edit and proof a minimum of a five page report
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation
  • Research travel, hotel and meeting facilities
  • Update web site content
  • Update and manage your calendar
  • Research for a specific project
  • Type handwritten notes from a seminar
  • Make edits to 1-5 web pages (depending on # of changes)
  • Edit and post 3-4 blog entries (written by you) to your blog, including photos
  • Submit a press release to 5-10 sites
  • Submit an article to 5-10 sites
  • Setup a Grasshopper account for voice and fax answering
  • Do follow-up research on a client, prospect, applicant, or competitor
  • Book your flight, hotel, and/or rental car reservations
  • Delete spam accumulated in your e-mail overnight, and sort, answer, or redirect remaining messages
  • Convert document files to PDF format
  • Proofread a narrative of up to seven pages
  • Organize a stack of messy files, label them appropriately, and pack them for shipping back to you, ready to drop directly into your waiting file drawer
  • Make calls to confirm your appointments, engagements, or reservations
  • Copy edit and proofread several brochures
  • Write a simple, uncomplicated, resume and cover letter
  • Stuff, seal, label, and stamp a bulk mailing
  • Write a 250- 500 word blog entry
  • Research possible vendors of a service or product you seek
  • Create and/or analyze and update Google Adwords campaigns
  • Select and schedule 15 individual handwritten greeting cards for delivery, each with a personal message
  • Order a shopping list for home or office delivery
  • Type a guest list of 200+
  • Print invitations for your event
  • Generate a proposal of vendors, entertainers and venues for approval

Every project is unique, but this list should help you understand what my time is worth to you! Wouldn’t you like to spend more time with your current or potential clients? Wouldn’t you like to catch up on those books and magazine articles you never have time to read? See what just one hour can do for your business? Imagine what five or ten hours could do!! Why wait one hour longer??

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