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Do you love to write but find that all of the headaches surrounding publishing and self-promoting your work are sheer torture? Just because you can do it all, should you? Is it a valuable use of your time? Whether you write articles, e-zines, newsletters, blogs, e-books or books, I can help make the process more efficient so you can do what you do best . . . write!

Does your company produce policy manuals, marketing presentations, newsletters, articles, web content or corporate communications that need proofreading, formatting or layout design? Maybe you’re simply trying to put together a family cookbook and need help to type and proofread recipes? Or are you writing a family history e-book and need help transcribing Great Aunt Sally’s diary scribbles?

If you are a student who has done a preliminary draft and edit of an academic paper but need help to proofread, edit, check language, grammar, and spelling, or verify your statistics and footnotes, I can help. If you are a speaker who needs help with topic research or management of your engagement calendar, I can help.

I offer my clients behind-the-scenes support in the preparation and publishing of their online newsletters, e-books and other documents that require editing, proofreading, or ghostwriting. I can help with e-book design, researching facts, project management, marketing support, etc. If you’re an author, I can sort your email and delete the junk so you can spend your valuable time interacting with your readers. As your remote virtual assistant I will:

  • Inventory and organize your source documents
  • Manage lists and coordinate databases
  • Research and check facts
  • Obtain permissions for using quotes or interviews
  • Research potential publishers
  • Design, manage and update your website
  • Establish an e-commerce shopping cart for your site
  • Create a blog to talk about your book
  • Write posts and articles for your website/blog
  • Create and manage social media pages
  • Enter your book in award competitions
  • Coordinate email marketing
  • Prepare your e-newsletter / e-zine
  • Distribute press releases to announce a book launch
  • Make appointments and manage your calendar
  • Coordinate speaking engagements
  • Help with travel arrangements
  • Create your professional resume and cover letter

As an author’s assistant I can help you unravel the mysteries of writing, publishing and promoting. And I can work within your budget!

No work order is too small!

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