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Delighted, satisfied customers are the foundation of any successful business. But the overhead is incredible – with salaries and benefits for agents, office space, computers and expensive phone equipment. Reduce those expenses by delegating your customer care responsibilities to someone who excels at the extraordinary care of customers and clients. I am adept at professional, yet friendly, oral and written communication. Retain your valued customers and make new ones without maintaining an expensive call center! As your remote virtual assistant I will:

  • Confidently and professionally manage customer service calls
  • Schedule and confirm appointments; make reminder calls
  • Process and expedite your customers’ orders
  • Help achieve your fund-raising goals
  • Verify eligibility for health benefits and health coverage availability
  • Make billing or payment calls
  • Interact with outside sales force to ensure regular communication on pricing issues, customer issues, etc.
  • Respond to customer questions via internet, phone, e-mail, live chat, Skype, IM, etc.
  • Troubleshoot, investigate and resolve customer issues, expedite back orders, handle returns and special requests
  • Solve problems and make decisions based on your policies
  • Utilize multiple systems to research information
  • Gather and verify details of calls. Log and track calls in a computer database and maintain problem documentation
  • Maintain company and client confidentiality

No work order is too small!

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