Internet Research

Internet Research
Book/Speech Research
Client and Community Building

The Internet holds a wealth of information on virtually every topic imaginable, but one can easily become intimidated or frustrated not knowing where to begin. Information overload can make it difficult to distinguish between what is accurate and what is not. I am internet savvy and very fast with technology (Outlook, Word, search engines, professional networking sites, etc. are part of my DNA). If it exists in cyberspace, I can find it!! And I have time to evaluate the sources and avoid paralyzing you with too much meaningless information. As your remote virtual assistant I will:

  • Conduct internet research for your books, stories, speeches, academic papers, or even your health issues, using specialized online libraries and resources
  • Investigate your new ideas, evaluate the validity against reputable sources and archive the results
  • Help you build your contact lists
  • Search for mailing lists, blogs, social networks and other marketing channels to boost your business
  • Source job boards and research suitable candidates for positions in your company

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