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Health insurance gets more confusing every day. Shouldn’t we all be entitled to have someone who knows the ropes working for us? Do you want to get the most out of your coverage? Do you need help with meeting your out-of-pocket expenses? Do you have an elderly parent or relative with overwhelming health insurance issues and no time to deal with it? Maybe you simply want someone to research treatment options, alternative therapies or community resources. I can save you valuable time and headaches!

I am not a nurse, but all Patient Advocates don’t have to be nurses! With 25+ years experience in the health insurance and benefits industry, I am thoroughly familiar with all the codes and components that make up your bills. I will communicate directly with the HMO or insurance company on your behalf. I will review every charge, challenge unfair expenses and file necessary appeals. Everything can be handled by phone, e-mail, fax, mail, or FedEx, so geography is not a problem. As your remote virtual assistant I will:

  • Sort out endless medical bills so you pay only what you owe
  • File claim forms
  • Assess your insurance needs and help find coverage to fit your requirements and your wallet
  • Help you find in-network providers to save money
  • Identify incorrect payments and refile claims
  • Attack insurance denials and submit appeals for payment review
  • Help get permission from HMO or insurance company for out-of-the-ordinary or experimental procedures
  • Negotiate discounts and payment plans with doctors, hospitals and insurance companies
  • Research Medicare claim issues, refile claims correctly
  • Provide Medicaid/MediCal enrollment assistance for patients without insurance
  • Assess eligibility for disability benefits (State, Social Security or SSI); help with application process
  • Coordinate medical care, set up appointments, arrange transportation
  • (In Los Angeles area only) – Accompany client to doctor’s appointments or make hospital visits
  • Research treatment options and alternative therapies
  • Tap into community social services – support groups, cancer care classes and other beneficial programs – and help you through the application process
  • Maintain complete confidentiality of client’s personal health information

No work order is too small!

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