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Are you a frequent business traveler, a salesperson who spends a lot of time outside the office, a “Road Warrior”? Do you and your family simply love to travel but you are too busy working to research those exotic destinations? Maybe you’re stressed because you just found out you need to be in Beijing tomorrow but are booked solid today with no time to make all the arrangements!

You know how much precious time you can waste looking for cheap and direct flights, clean and well-located hotels, reliable transportation, meeting locations, local restaurant recommendations, not-to-be-missed attractions, etc. Leave the research and arrangements to your Virtual Girl Friday!

I LOVE to travel and will solve your simple or complex travel arrangements for both domestic and foreign destinations, from backpacking to luxury resorts. All you have to do is pack and go! As your remote virtual assistant I will:

  • Research flight options, compare prices, and book your flights
  • Book your cruise and find the best cabin location
  • Find suitable hotels to fit your budget and make reservations
  • Arrange for airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Search for rental car options and obtain maps
  • Find locations to host your meetings
  • Locate local Internet cafes and business centers
  • Check out restaurant recommendations and make reservations
  • Research local tours, attractions, historical sites, museums
  • Help organize passports and research visa requirements
  • Monitor immunization and vaccination requirements
  • Determine cellphone requirements in foreign locations
  • Find an interpreter or arrange foreign language classes
  • Assist with currency conversion
  • Evaluate travel insurance options
  • Track down lost luggage
  • Check the weather at your destination
  • Confirm all travel arrangements
  • Prepare detailed travel itineraries
  • Update frequent flyer miles

No work order is too small!

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